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Using Pandora to find new artists

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Every day I load up the computer at Work here at ABC, I find myself coming back to Pandora internet radio each time. I think the reason I do, is because it’s great and simple way to find out about new music, and the other reason is to hear the music I already like without having to fiddle with a playlist, which would interrupt me while I work.  Pandora is a simple music service that asks you to create an account, and then after that enter a few artists you like using an easy to use web interface.  After you enter some music you like, Pandora will then create a station that plays music/songs similar or at least slightly similar to the artist you already like….i.e. if you select a few dance artists like Beyonce or Pink!, expect to hear more upbeat R&B and dance music like Bruno Mars or maybe even something close like Fun. .  After hearing a few songs you may already know, here’s where the fun part comes in (no pun intended); you then may hear a few new songs by lesser known artists, and then if you’re like me, you’ll then want to see these artists live! Another company that offers a similar type service is Spotify, which first started in London and is very popular in the United States too…I’ve yet to really explore Spotify, but from what I hear from friends and business associates, it’s very similar. One of my favorite stations is Little Feat radio (somewhat popular 70′s artist)…On this station, they tend to play a lot of southern rock, mixed in with Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, Robert Palmer, and of course Little Feat themselves…..Another station i listen to a lot is a station I made myself called “New Indie Rock”, where I’ve added tons of new rock/folk artists like The LumineersFleet Foxes, Mumford and Sons, and Local Natives…and some not so new bands like “The Strokes“, Phoenix, and “The Postal Service“, which incidentally have reunited for a tour this Summer.  Anyway you slice it, it’s a great service if you aren’t too distracted by music at your job or just want to have fun at home! Comments welcome below on your favorite music services or “personal stations” you get into!

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