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Top 20 Coaching tirades

With the NFL playoffs, NCAA college basketball and NBA in full swing, it’s always fun to take a look at some of the funniest coaching tirades. One of the other things that sparked my interest in tirades is the latest one, from Southern Illinois’ Barry Hinson.  Hinson blew up after his team lost several games and shot poorly. I ranked them in no particular order, but ranked coaches with more than one tirade higher. My favorite tirade has to be Lasorda’s rant about Kurt Bevacqua….In my next blog post, I’ll take a look at famous player tirades.

20.) Pat Knight, Bobby’s Son goes on a rant about how bad his players are at Lamar


19.) Michigan Wolverine’s Women’s basketball coach Kevin Borseth freaks out about
his team’s rebounding


18.) Jerry Burns – forgotten F’bombed laced rant from 1989 when he coached the Minnesota Vikings


17.) Then coach of the San Francisco 49ers, Mike Singletary, goes on a rant about selfish players



16.) Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State football coach is “a man, and he’s 40″!


15.) Dan Hawkins – Colorado Buffaloes Football coach goes on a rant about Division 1 football, saying some players should just play intramurals.



14.)Famous Syracuse Orange coach, Jim Boeheim, explains how his team wouldn’t have won 10 games without Gerry Macnamara! NSFW


13.) Former Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints coach Mike Ditka is pissed after his team falls to 2-7


12.) Jim Calhoun had a few outbreaks a the University of Connecticut, here they are.
Including one where Calhoun tells off a reporter who questions his high salary and another where
Calhoun freaks out when asked about Ryan Gomes.


11.) Then coach of the Boston Celtics, Rick Patino tells Boston fans that old legends like Larry Bird, Kevin Mchale and Robert Parish aren’t walking through the door anytime soon


10.) Latest Tirade with Southern Illinois coach Barry Hinson talking about how his wife could shoot better than 2 for 11.


9.) Lee Elia Tirade NSFW – Says the Chicago Cubs Bleacher bums don’t work and need jobs, NSFW…Elia later regretted the tirade, but it is a classic nonetheless.


8.) Hal Mcrae, then coach of the Kansas City Royals, goes nuts in the locker room at reporters questions about his managerial decision making..NSFW.


7.) Herm Edwards, as coach of the New York Jets, talking about how in sports, you play to win the game.


6.) Dennis Green, then coach of the Arizona Cardinals and his famous, “They are who we thought they were” tirade.


5.) John Chaney, then coach of the Temple Owls after a game against then coach of the UMass Minuteman telling John Calipari he will kill him.


4.) Earl Weaver, the famous coach of the Baltimore Orioles was kicked out of 91 games in his managerial career, some great highlights below.

Another Earl Weaver video below


3.) Tommy Lasorda, famous Los Angeles Dodgers coach, and Nutrisystem spokesperson had some legendary tirades with reporters and a rant about player Kurt Bevacqua…NSFW.


Lasorda argues about Reggie Jackson call.

Rant about News reporters NSFW


2.)Former Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints coach Jim Mora “playoffs”, “coulda woulda shoulda”, and “diddly poo”


Diddly Poo


“Coulda Woulda Shoulda”


1.) And no list would be complete without the famous tirades of Bobby Knight, the famous Indiana Hoosiers and Texas Tech Red Raiders college basketball coach top 10 Tirades of Bobby Knight


Bobby Knight’s infamous chair throwing

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