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Top 20 player tirades

Recently, Richard Sherman of the Super bowl champion Seattle Seahawks went off about the San Francisco 49er’s Michael Crabtree in a post NFC championship game rant. In our last blog post I took a look back at some of the best coaching rants, so why don’t we take a look at the 20 best player fights and rants? Some are profanity laced ramblings or innocent rants about practice, others are some of the most infamous and outrageous fights, and will leave you speechless….Here they are in no particular order, my favorite has to be Allen Iverson practice rant, since I am a 76ers fan!

20.) Richard Sherman rants after the Seahawks NFC Championship victory against the San Francisco 49ers

19.) On May 7th 2002 then Philadelphia 76ers superstar Allen Iverson says practice at least 20 times in his now infamous rant when questioned by Philadelphia reporters about not going to, PRACTICE!

18.) Don’t call former St. Louis Ram Jim Everett Chris too many times, just don’t…In 1994, Jim Everett was on Jim Rome’s popular Talk2 show on ESPN. Rome thought it would be funny to call Jim Everett Chris multiple times, but each time he says it, Chris Everett, I mean Jim Everett keeps getting angrier and angrier, until all hell breaks loose.

17.) The infamous “You cannot be serious” John McEnroe tennis line judge outburst in the middle of a match.

16.) One of the greatest second baseman of all time, Roberto Alomar spat on umpire John Hirschbeck on September 27th 1996 after a called third strike.  Then a Baltimore Oriole, Alomar, who was always a fan favorite turned to a villain that season.  He also added insult to injury by claiming that Hirschbeck got fired up, not because of Alomar’s spit, but because Hirschbeck’s son passed away and another one of his son’s had a terminal illness. I was unable to find a video of the actual spit, so here is a image

15.) After a big New York Jets victory over the New England Patriots in January of 2011, Bart Scott blasts announcers and anyone else he can think of for not respecting the Jets.

14.) Kellen Winslow is a soldier at war on the football field in a post game interview after a game at Miami University.

13.) Serena Williams threatens a line judge in another infamous tennis meltdown

12.) Mike Tyson claims to want to eat Lennox Lewis’s children, in this famous rant after a boxing match.

11.) Tiger Woods loses his cool at the 2012 masters. Not the worst temper tantrum, but one of the only ones you will ever see out of one of the greatest golfers who has ever played the game.

10.) After a loss, former QB of the San Diego Chargers, Ryan Leaf, loses his cool at a reporter in the locker room

8.) Derek Anderson was caught smiling and joking on the Cardinals sideline, while his team was getting beat badly by the San Francisco 49ers…in a post game press conference Anderson explodes on a reporter about it.

7.) Former and Infamous Chicago Bull and Detroit Piston Dennis Rodman kicks a cameraman out of frustration


6.) In one of the most outlandish videos you will ever see from the basketball court, a Desoto high school player beats up a ref after a foul call.

5.) Hall of fame Kansas City Royal George Brett loses it, after being accused of using too much pine tar on his bat. The famous Pine tar incident was started by then Yankees manager Billy Martin, who got the ump to reverse the homerun. Incidentally, the pine tar incident was one of the few baseball protests ever upheld.

4.) Los Angeles Dodger Carlos Perez vs. the water cooler

3.) Ron Hextall, then a Philadelphia Flyer, barrels out at the Montreal Candien’s Chris Chelios, in the 1989 NHL playoffs. Hextall had been waiting all series to get back at Chelios for blind siding Brian Propp in Game one.

2.) Randy Moss feels under appreciated in New England


1.) Starting as a shoving match between Ben Wallace and Ron Artest, the shoving escalates into a full on brawl with the Detroit Pistons fans. Coined “The Malice at the Palace”, this fight is one of the most outrageous professional sports fights ever caught on video…involving Indiana Pacer and Detroit Piston players, coaches and then fans.

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