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Detroit Pistons Tickets

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Ticket preview for the Pistons

The Detroit Pistons are quietly building one of the more exciting young teams in the NBA as they enter the 2013-14 season. Their roster includes players like Brandon Jennings, Greg Monroe, Peyton Siva and Josh Smith. They’ve taken castoffs from other teams, captained them with a veteran leader and fan favorite – 37-year-old Chauncey Billups – and have tapped an experienced head coach in Maurice Cheeks to lead them.

All this to say: buying Detroit Pistons tickets might be a worthwhile investment.

The frontcourt for the Pistons has a high ceiling, talent-wise. Andre Drummond, Monroe and Smith will make life tough for opposing defenses with their combination of size and skill down low. The only question for this trio down the line is whether they’ll achieve their full potential, or if all this hype is for nothing.

The Palace of Auburn Hills seats 22,076 fans for Pistons basketball, a truly staggering number when compared to other arenas around the league. In fact, the Pistons led the NBA in attendance from 2002 to 2008, due in part to the sheer size of their home facility.

Pistons tickets might not be as hot an item this season as they were in years past, at least not at the start of the year. But, if the young talent on this redesigned roster can gel at a quick rate, Central Division opponents will have to take the Pistons more seriously than they perhaps originally intended.

Even non-Detroit fans may give the Pistons a look, since a young squad with as many scorers as they have is well worth watching on a regular basis. On nights when their favorite team isn’t playing, casual NBA fans may end up tuning in to the Pistons game to see if the rebuilding efforts of Joe Dumars, Detroit’s President of Basketball Operations, are worth talking about.

Regardless of the hype, the team will need to put out a solid NBA product if it wants to convince fans that the tide has turned at The Palace. Hype may sell Detroit Pistons tickets in the short run, but winning games is what will earn the Pistons a place among the league’s most entertaining teams for this season and beyond.