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Miami Heat Tickets

Events Near Ashburn, VA
Set Location
Date/Time Event & Venue/City  
Mar 6, 2015
Fri 8:00PM
Washington Wizards vs. Miami Heat
From $17

All Events by Date
Date/Time Event & Venue/City  
Dec 19, 2014
Fri 7:30PM
Miami Heat vs. Washington Wizards  View 
From $4
Dec 21, 2014
Sun 6:00PM
Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics  View 
From $27
Dec 23, 2014
Tue 7:30PM
Miami Heat vs. Philadelphia 76ers  View 
From $27
Dec 25, 2014
Thu 5:00PM
Miami Heat vs. Cleveland Cavaliers  View 
From $80
Dec 27, 2014
Sat 7:30PM
Miami Heat vs. Memphis Grizzlies  View 
From $64
Dec 29, 2014
Mon 7:30PM
Miami Heat vs. Orlando Magic  View 
From $64
Dec 31, 2014
Wed 3:00PM
Indiana Pacers vs. Miami Heat  View 
From $5
Jan 3, 2015
Sat 7:00PM
Houston Rockets vs. Miami Heat  View 
From $21
Jan 4, 2015
Sun 6:00PM
Miami Heat vs. Brooklyn Nets  View 
From $63
Jan 8, 2015
Thu 7:30PM
Portland Trail Blazers vs. Miami Heat  View 
From $28
Jan 11, 2015
Sun 12:30PM
Los Angeles Clippers vs. Miami Heat  View 
From $8
Jan 13, 2015
Tue 7:30PM
Los Angeles Lakers vs. Miami Heat  View 
From $2
Jan 14, 2015
Wed 7:30PM
Golden State Warriors vs. Miami Heat  View 
From $34
Jan 16, 2015
Fri 7:00PM
Sacramento Kings vs. Miami Heat  View 
From $57
Jan 20, 2015
Tue 7:30PM
Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder  View 
From $71
Jan 21, 2015
Wed 7:00PM
Charlotte Hornets vs. Miami Heat  View 
From $24
Jan 23, 2015
Fri 7:30PM
Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers  View 
From $28
Jan 25, 2015
Sun 12:00PM
Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat  View 
From $43
Jan 27, 2015
Tue 7:30PM
Miami Heat vs. Milwaukee Bucks  View 
From $21
Jan 30, 2015
Fri 8:00PM
Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks  View 
From $46
Feb 1, 2015
Sun 1:00PM
Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat  View 
From $66
Feb 3, 2015
Tue 7:30PM
Detroit Pistons vs. Miami Heat  View 
From $4
Feb 4, 2015
Wed 7:00PM
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Miami Heat  View 
From $31
Feb 6, 2015
Fri 8:30PM
San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat  View 
From $17
Feb 9, 2015
Mon 7:30PM
Miami Heat vs. New York Knicks  View 
From $54
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Miami Heat Tickets

2014-2015 Miami Heat ticket info

Miami Heat tickets won’t be the precious commodities they have been over the past four seasons, not after the departure of the consensus best player in the world, LeBron James. But, that doesn’t mean Heat tickets aren’t worth buying this year. The Heat have a retooled roster and added motivation at being called a middle-of-the-pack Eastern Conference team by the media, so it makes sense that Miami Heat tickets might just be undervalued this year.


American Airlines Arena seats 19,600 for Heat games and can accommodate up to 20,350 with standing room, making it the tenth-biggest arena in the league. The numbers aren’t impressive from a total capacity standpoint, but the franchise has made it a point to sell plenty of tickets during their recent run of success. But, that success was largely made possible by James, who left to join the Cleveland Cavaliers over the summer. In his absence, the Heat re-signed big man Chris Bosh to a five-year deal and brought back Dwyane Wade in order to keep the locker room culture consistent.


Joining Bosh and Wade on the roster are newcomers Luol Deng, Danny Granger, and Josh McRoberts. Deng brings solid defensive play; Granger is an injury reclamation project with offensive upside; and McRoberts can space the floor in accordance with head coach Erik Spoelstra’s system. Combined, all five players form the new core of the Heat roster. Life after LeBron might have an initial negative impact on Miami Heat ticket prices, but the additions of players like Deng, Granger, and McRoberts, and a renewed focus on team basketball might be able to reverse that effect.


Bosh will have to reinvent himself as a post scorer—or at least reprise that role from his days as a member of the Toronto Raptors—and become the unquestioned leader of the team in the coming years. Without LeBron to rely on for scoring, Bosh’s role has expanded simply by LeBron’s subtraction from the roster.


Holders of Miami Heat tickets are hoping Bosh can return to leading-scorer form sooner rather than later; competing with teams like the Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls, and Indiana Pacers will certainly require a superstar player.

Miami Heat ticket info

Miami Heat tickets are the class ticket of the Southeast Division. Heck, they’re the class ticket of the NBA. No other team in the league is drawing as much attention as the Miami Heat and everywhere they travel Heat tickets sell out quickly. There there’s American Airlines Arena where the Miami Heat are absolutely dominant and other NBA teams fear to tread. That being put on record it’s clear that the Heat have a very large target on their backs. Three consecutive trips to the NBA Championship and back to back NBA titles tend to do that. The challenge now is maintaining that level of play when everyone in the world is gunning to knock the champs down. Fane with Miami Heat tickets are getting the deal of a lifetime.

It all centers around LeBron James, though he tends to downplay his role. James took heavy hits in the media when he went to Miami and even heavier hits when the Heat failed to deliver a title in his first season. Since then it’s been hard to dismiss his obvious efforts to improve his game and enhance opportunities for the players around him. Coach Erik Spoelstra took a while to create an offense that would do just that but once he did Miami crushed the rest of the NBA like a steamroller. What should be scary to opposing teams is that despite the talent level of the Miami Heat there is no discernible friction on the team, Spoelstra has been signed to a long term deal, and Miami seems poised to accomplish their goal of becoming a dynasty.

A quick look at the roster for the 2013-14 season gives us some reasons to expect another NBA Championship from Miami Heat tickets. James has a lock on the small forward position and also spends time as a power forward. Chris Bosh, though not a prototype center by any means, has adapted well and contributes heavily on defense and scoring on the post. Dwyane wade has battled injury but he’s still very effective when he’s healthy and the addition of Ray Allen last season provides a better than average backup. It may take a revolving cast of characters around The Big Three to maintain their status as the premiere team in the NBA but Miami Heat ticket holders are far better off than your average NBA team’s fans when it comes to a plug and play operation.
Miami Heat tickets will once again deliver a great season in South Beach. There may be some issues on the horizon when the year is over and contracts come to the forefront, but for the 2013-14 NBA season little stands in the way to prevent Heat tickets from once again dominating to NBA scene.